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 Architectural Treasures in Studio City, CA

If you are a fan of California Modernism, you are in for a treat.  Studio City, CA, has some classy examples of California Modernism.  Here are just two to whet your appetite. More can be found here.

The Kallis-Sarlin House

Located at 3580 Multiview Drive in Studio City, the Kallis-Sarlin House is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.  Its most outstanding feature is the butterfly roof design. Since architect R.M. Schindler created this home, this butterfly roof design became known as the “Schindler frame.” Architects consider this a revolutionary innovation.  Learn more about Offbeat Site to visit in Studio City, CA.

The Chemosphere House 

A person literally has to see this house to believe it.  Built on a hill with a 45-degree angle, the lot was thought by everyone to be unbuildable. But architect John Lautner decided he’d build there anyway. 

The Chemosphere is a one-story home in an octagon shape, set upon a 5-foot-wide concrete column nearly 30 feet high.  What supports this column?  A concrete pedestal 20 feet in diameter, buried deep within the earth.  Because of this design, the house has survived heavy rains and even earthquakes.  

The Chemosphere has been used as a movie set many times over the years.