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Benefits Of Summer Enrichment

Here are just a few reasons and links supporting how productive summers make a world of difference for our students.

A Taste of Things to Come.

A summer program is a great way to get your middle school child ready for the challenges of high school. The transition from middle to high school is often daunting, and there is a distinct change in pace. Sometimes, students experience the “summer slide,” when young minds become relatively idle during the three-month break, and can lead to a substantial drop in learning levels. Summer learning loss accounts for about 2/3 of the 9th grade achievement gap in reading.  A summer program and enrichment tutoring will keep your child’s brain cells zinging, preventing a deterioration in learning.

Summer is also a great time for high school students to volunteer, intern, or get a paid job. It is recommended that students get involved in activities that are related to their college major or career path. Students should use the summer to build their activities resume and figure out their career interests. These activities can be done throughout the school year but the bulk of the hours during the summer. Students can volunteer, intern, and work at the same time as doing Summer Academic Enrichment.

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An Opportunity to Catch Up.

There are times when children can’t keep up with their peers, fall behind with their studies, or perhaps even fail a grade. Although summer programs that deal with helping kids who are struggling are often perceived negatively, the results are invariably positive. Summer programs offer additional tuition, at a much slower pace than in regular school, with smaller groups, and is usually a quieter, more relaxed environment. Fewer students mean more time for the teacher or tutor to focus on your child, which generally leads to better results. Students who are struggling in a particular subject may find it beneficial to be taught by someone other than their regular teacher; a different approach, or teaching method, can sometimes be enough for something to click in a child.

Summer is also a great time to take on a challenge with enrichment classes at school, local community college or at a university residential program for high school students. Summer academic enrichment is an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge on subjects they already love or learn about something new that interests them. Summer enrichment learning can directly influence a students GPA and some classes taken at a community college or university can even often count for an extra point in the overall GPA. When applying to college in the beginning of their senior year, colleges will look to see how students spend their summers during high school. Summer academic enrichments is guaranteed to impress college admissions counselors.

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