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Elementary School Tutoring in Encino, CA

Students begin to develop thinking and learning skills in elementary school, and will continue to build on them throughout their education. Private home tutors for elementary school students can help your child build these critical skills and prepare him/her for success in subsequent grades.

One-on-one Training for Elementary Students

Elementary school focuses on balancing instruction with independence. Children are taught how to learn, listen, concentrate, remember, and even believe in themselves. Unfortunately, classroom sessions don’t give the teacher enough time or resources to help students who’re falling behind to catch up.
With private in-home tutoring for elementary students, A+ Tutoring uses a personalized learning program that is custom-made depending on your child’s unique learning needs. You also choose the tutor that your child feels most comfortable, and who understands your child’s learning needs and style to maximize the progress made in each session.

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Customized Learning Program

The tutoring programs offer targeted subject-area improvement to help your elementary student in specific trouble subjects or areas. The tutoring program is based on the approved curriculum, and the tutor provides support for any learning difficulties they notice along the way to prevent your child from feeling discouraged or overwhelmed.
The customized learning programs help your child to improve his/her academic skills, meet personal and school goals, and attain confidence and motivation to learn new things.

Every Tutoring Program Starts with a Diagnostic Assessment

Regardless of the academic challenges that your elementary student faces in school, A+ Tutoring applies a unique diagnostic assessment program and original supplemental curriculum to overcome any obstacles. Once the sessions begin, you will notice your child becoming a self-assured learner, more enthusiastic about academic work, and eager to tackle more challenging work. Ultimately, your child will be able to catch up with the rest of the class and even surpass them, making school enjoyable again.
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