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Fun Math Games

Here’s a few ways to make math a little more fun!



1. Basic War With Cards

I love playing war with cards! You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and just general number sense. I suggest taking out the jacks, queens, and kings, and use the aces as ones. For more advanced playing, put the face cards back in and use them as 11, 12, and 13. To play addition war, players use 2 cards each per turn, and the highest sum wins that round. Keep playing until the whole deck is used. For advanced addition, use 3 or 4 cards at a time. Play the same way with subtraction and multiplication.

2. Go Fish

Play a game of go fish by making your own flash cards with the skills you want to practice. You can just write the numbers or problems on index cards – super simple! For example, for an addition game of go fish, player 1 asks player 2 for the answer to 5+6. Player 2 looks at his/her cards for the answer, and if that answer isn’t there, says “go fish”! If the answer is there, player 2 gives it to player 1 and that’s a match. Player 1 gets to take another turn until there is no match, then it’s player 2’s turn. Keep playing until all the cards are used. Don’t want to make your own cards? Try just using a deck of playing cards.

3. Matching Game

Play a matching game using index cards! For younger students, write numbers 1-20 on two sets of cards. Shuffle them up, place them number side down, and take turns finding a match. If a player finds a match, another turn can be taken. If no match is found, it is the next player’s turn. For more advanced learners, do the same simple game but with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, story problems, or equations to solve.

4. Math With Dice

Using dice is a great way to practice math skills. It’s definitely more hands on, and kids just love dice! Try playing addition war with dice: both players roll two dice each, and the largest sum wins. Keep track of the scores and see who can reach 50 first.

5. Strike It Out

Play this strike it out game from Teach Mama. It’s a simple game using a number line that provides great practice!

6. Math With Chalk

If you’re able to, go outside with your student with some sidewalk chalk. (Ask parents first if this is at the student’s house.) You can practice math problems on the driveway or sidewalk. Try some of these activities:

These and many more games can be found at