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High School Tutoring in Near Me – Encino CA

If your high schooler is struggling academically, matching him or her with the right private home tutor for high school students in Encino, CA might help to provide the extra, personalized help needed to succeed.
At A+ Tutoring, we specialize in matching students with the right tutor, and designing custom tutoring programs that supplement the efforts your student is putting in at school, while taking into consideration his/her strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. Our one-on-one tutoring sessions are designed to build the students confidence in their own capabilities, without pressuring them to learn things beyond their level until they’re ready.

We make learning personal

We evaluate each student individually in order to understand their learning habits, and then adapt our programs and techniques to match their needs. This allows us to create a uniquely holistic study approach that prepares the student for educational success.
Generally, we provide:

  • A unique approach or explanation for concepts the student has trouble grasping
  • AP prep and college readiness
  • Assistance with other important tests like SAT and ASVAB
  • A certified supervising teacher for compliance with homeschooling requirements

Our tutors come to your home, where students feel most comfortable studying, and find the best ways to connect with your high schooler.

The Tools to Succeed

Having worked with course curricula at different high schools across the country, and from years of experience with various tutoring gigs, we understand what it takes for a high schooler to succeed. Our high school tutoring services help students with Math, Science, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, English, and other subjects, as well as important tests in preparation for higher education.
For struggling high school students in Encino, CA, working with an expert tutor at home can help make coursework a lot more manageable. Moreover, the tutors work with a personalized schedule that makes it convenient for the student and parents, so they come where you want, when you want.
Let our experienced high school tutors give your student the tools that he/she needs to succeed academically and even in life.