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When a concerned parent notices his child’s grades going down, the natural reaction is to meet with his/her teacher. Some parents may also try to find out whether other children are having the same challenges. But with schools facing all kinds of challenges, from large classrooms to a limited number of teachers, it can be hard to direct any blame towards the teacher or school.
Home Tutoring Services in Studio City, CA | Private In-Home Tutors
As a parent, you may be willing to tutor your child at home, but this may not be feasible. There are many problems with this approach. First, you may not have enough knowhow on the subject. Second, you may empathize with your child and not take the study sessions seriously enough. Third, you may be frustrated if your child takes long to understand, straining your relationship.

Participate in Your Child’s Self-Improvement

Home tutoring services in Studio City, CA can be a great way to assist students who are behind in class to keep up with the rest, maintain the classroom pace, or even go ahead of the others so that classwork becomes like revision work. If you still want to participate in your child’s tutoring and self-improvement, you can:

  • Explore opportunities for the student to receive extra support in problematic subjects at his or her school. Although the teacher may not be in a position to provide one-on-one support, due to strained resources, large class size, and other factors, he or she may still be able to identify the key areas of weakness, and recommend resources that might help the student improve. Your child can then follow up on the advice, or pass it on to the tutor for better direction.
  • Provide a relaxed learning environment. One of the reasons that private, at-home tutoring works so well is because the student feels most relaxed at home. Although extra lessons in school may seem like a good idea, they could actually be detrimental if the student feels overwhelmed. Properly scheduled at-home tutoring may cost more, but it will deliver better results.

Lastly, take your time to find a good tutor. Good teaching involves a lot more than having a good grasp of the subject. The tutor should be able to build good rapport with the student and make study sessions stimulating, interesting, and fun.
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A+ Tutoring boasts a team of professional and passionate tutors in Studio City, CA. Our tutors are carefully selected to ensure compatibility with most of our students in terms of age, grade, and academic level. Additionally, each students is carefully matched with the tutor we feel is the best fit for him/her.

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