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Private Tutor Near Me for Encino Charter Elementary

The experience of a child attending an Encino charter elementary school will depend largely on the type of school. The classes are typically smaller, and the learning environment and tactics are usually more favorable for children compared to conventional public schools. That said, it may still be necessary to hire a private tutor for your elementary-level child to help him develop essential learning and coping skills that will be useful in subsequent academic levels and beyond.

At A+ Tutoring, we offer personalized elementary school tutoring programs that are designed around successful strategies advocated by our trained and qualified educators who have great experience working with young learners.

Charter School Structure: How to help a struggling elementary student

Children attending charter elementary schools have different, and possibly better, learning experiences compared to conventional public schools. With the freedom to implement innovative education models, parents have many opportunities to find an elementary school that fits their child’s personal learning style.
Although there’s no standard charter school academic learning model, most schools report high student achievement compared to their public school counterparts. Unfortunately, enrolling your child to a good charter school doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she will be able to keep up in class, or that the teachers will have the time or means to provide one-to-one instruction to struggling students.
Your child’s elementary charter school may be developed around a specific area of focus, like:

  • A specific subject, like math, music, or art
  • A specific teaching method, like the Montessori method
  • Attending to a specific population, like “at-risk” students
  • Theme-based curriculum, like language immersion or environmental sustainability
  • Personnel policies – like merit-based teacher payment strategy

A+ Tutoring can provide a customized tutoring plan that takes into consideration your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the charter school’s teaching pattern.
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Custom Interactive Lessons to Engage Young Minds

Our A+ elementary charter school tutoring programs are custom-designed by our certified tutors to provide personalized instruction to students, as well as positive reinforcement and continual encouragement. The tutor will work with your student at his/her own pace, using interactive lessons that engage and motivate the child to learn.
Many young children learn best through play. So our elementary tutoring programs combine creative activities with pattern-matching, problem-solving, stimulating math games and puzzles, and sentence building and reading exercises to help the student reinforce the knowledge of numbers and the alphabet; deal with learning gaps before they become an academic burden, and condition the student for the challenge of higher grades.