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Tips to Help your Struggling Middle School Student

“To be prepared is half the victory,” –Miguel de Cervantes 

Middle School is the first step in the direction of academic independence for your little student, but that doesn’t mean they all have to jump in the deep end and sink like a rock or learn how to swim. Here are a few helpful tips we were able to find to make sure your little scholar can put their best foot forward, and in the right direction!
Get them a daily planner.
Most schools now require these. If not, get one for your child anyway. Have them write down their homework DAILY, and then check it every day to make sure their homework is done. If necessary, ask each teacher to partner with you on this to ensure your child knows their homework assignments. After all, your child’s teachers want your child to succeed.
Write down your expectations.
Your child is 12 or older. They’re not little kids anymore. However, some kids this age are going through such information overload, they can’t keep two thoughts straight. Create a checklist of what you expect them to do so they won’t forget. If it’s an unchanging list, you can even laminate it. Trust me, many kids will actually appreciate this.
No electronics until work is done.
That means no TV, no computer, no videogames, no phone…no nothing. If they need to use the internet for their homework, have them do it in a common room (if possible) and stay close enough that you can check to make sure it’s actually homework and not social media they’re working on.
Enforce appropriate restrictions.
If your child isn’t capable of pulling a B in his class because the work is too hard, don’t punish him. However, if your child’s grade is affected by not turning in homework, by all means, start taking privileges away! And be firm – don’t give them back until progress is made. Nothing works like a little incentive.
Limit after-school activities.
Sorry to all you sports families out there but if your child is struggling to get their homework done, then they may need to take a pass on Fall Ball or soccer. It seems ridiculous to be challenging your kid in sports, dance class, or any other extra activities if their school work is suffering.
Be available.
School is hard. Junior high is hard! Parents look at their kid’s homework, and they’re grateful they don’t have to go to school anymore. But your kids do – and they need your help. You might not know everything they’re learning (which is a humbling realization), but you can at least be there for moral support, and to guide them in how to figure out the answer. Who knows, you might remember a thing or two from your Jr. High Algrebra class…
But stress not if that class doesn’t return to your memory, that’s what we’re here for! If you are in need of academic support for your student, click here to schedule a free consultation.
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