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  Spotlight Katie Hawkins

Katie has been tutoring children and young adults in mathematics for over 10 years. She enjoys interpreting the language of mathematics to students. She has received her bachelor degree in the study of pure mathematical theory as well as her graduate course study in the same field. She has taught at CSUN for five years and is presently an adjunct professor of mathematics at the Master’s College. She is a talented lecturer as well as a gifted one-on-one tutor as she works diligently to create a comfortable environment for her students to grow and learn in. She challenges students and enables them to absorb math on a new level, thus teaching them in the process to enjoy and excel at what they are learning.  In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking and traveling.
Katie has been a consist source of valuable tutoring here at APlus Tutoring for over 2 years and counting!! Thank you Katie, for all that you do!!