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Burbank, CA:  The Largest IKEA in the Country

If you love IKEA, you’ve got to plan a trip to Burbank, CA.  If you think the size of an ordinary IKEA is a little overwhelming, be prepared to be awestruck when you go to Burbank. More about Studio City, CA can be seen here. 


Only 12 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, you will find Burbank, CA.  Most people are familiar with Burbank as the home of Warner Brothers Studios and Walt Disney Studios.  It’s also the home of Nickelodeon and the west coast branch of Cartoon Network.  Click here to read about The Beautiful Oasis of Glendale, CA.

That Name

If you wonder how Burbank was named, it was named after a sheep farmer from New Hampshire named David Burbank, who bought a ranch there in 1867.  Burbank was also a dentist and an entrepreneur.  

More Entertainment

In the 1920’s First National Pictures bought 78 acres in the Burbank area.  This land contained a 40-acre hog ranch and the original David Burbank house.  First National Pictures later became Warner Brothers.

Columbia Pictures also bought land in the Burbank area and used it for filming outdoor scenes in its movies.  Walt Disney originally wanted to build “Mickey Mouse Park” in Burbank, but Burbank didn’t like it. They are sorry now!  He went on to build his fantastically successful Disneyland in Anaheim.