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Canyon Parks in Studio City, CA

If you love hiking, Studio City, CA, is a dream come true?  There are many trails through canyons that can give you a real workout. Visit this link for more information.

Fryman Canyon Park

This 122-acre park contains the Betty B. Dearing Cross Mountain Trail, which takes you to the Fryman Canyon Trail trailhead.  On the trail, you will see springs that flow year-round, many wooded canyons, and abundant wildflowers. Trails are open to hikers and horseback riders.  Read about Two Parks in Studio City, CA  here. 

Franklin Canyon Park

Located about six miles southwest of Studio City is Franklin Canyon Park.  This canyon park covers 605 acres, and its centerpiece is a beautiful 3-acre lake.   These days, about 25 films per year are shot in this park.  

There are three trails to hike here:  a short three-tenths mile loop called the Discovery Trail, a strenuous 2.3-mile round trip trail called the Hastian Trail, and a 1-mile hike called the Berman Trail, which meets up with the Coldwater Canyon Park Trail and Wilacre Park.

Coldwater Canyon Park

This canyon park is unique because it is built over the top of an 8M gallon reservoir, but you’d never know it.  It contains nice easy hikes like the Marsh Trail and the Desert Willow Trail.