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CBS Studio Center in Studio City, CA 

You don’t have to wonder how Studio City, CA, got its name.  Of course, it is named for the CBS Studio Center located there. 
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CBS Studio Center got its start in 1926, back in the days of silent films.  City fathers bought a 50-acre lettuce ranch to develop.  Mack Sennett of Keystone Kops fame was looking for a studio location around the same time, and they struck a deal.  Mack Sennett became one of the first to produce talking movies.  He was responsible for getting Bing Crosby started in the movies. In 1963, CBS television rented out the entire facility from Republic Studios and began producing many well-known TV series and movies. Learn more about Prehistoric Dinosaurs in Studio City, CA.


Today, CBS Studio Center is still going strong.  You might be familiar with Seinfield, 3rd Rock From the Sun, St. Elsewhere, and Father of the Bride, all produced here.

CBS Studio provides full-service facilities for any production company wanting to produce a show or movie.  They have backlot locations that replicate residential streets, NYC Central Park, and a typical New York street.

They also lease out 210,000 feet of office space and 18 sound stages.  They can provide production lighting, audio services, and special effects services.