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Does My Second-Grader Need a Tutor?


Parents may not realize that students in elementary school might need private tutoring.  Parents might start wondering about tutoring when their child doesn’t seem to do the homework assigned at school. Learn more here.

Regular Classroom Teacher 

The first step parents should take to make an appointment with the regular classroom teacher.  Be blunt.  Ask what the teacher thinks is happening.  Teachers are more than willing to help the students in their classes.  Your child’s teacher just wants him to succeed.  The teacher will be thrilled to show interest in the child’s academic progress and be happy to point out areas where the child needs help. Learn more about  How to Tell When an Elementary Tutor is Needed.


More than likely, if your second-grader can’t complete his or her homework assignments, it’s probably due to reading difficulties.  Kindergarten and first grade are almost entirely devoted to learning to read. 

Find out if your school uses a whole language approach to reading or if they depend entirely on phonics.  More than likely, they use a combined approach.  If a child isn’t catching on to phonics, a tutor would be a perfect investment in his future.  Kids can’t succeed if they aren’t good readers.