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One-on-one Instruction

Since the beginning, our primary focus has been to provide students with individualized attention. We believe that a one-on-one approach to tutoring can help to bridge the gap created in large classrooms where teachers cannot follow the progress of each student individually. Your A+ Tutor will design a personalized tutoring program that focuses on your child’s strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and academic needs and goals.

Our tutors offer great flexibility and convenience, and will be available for sessions on a schedule of your choosing. Whether you prefer one, two, or five private sessions a week, we will design a program that allows us to focus on the material covered that week at school, so you can keep up with other students, and even stay ahead in class, and complete assignments fully and on-time.

Homework Help

If your child is in elementary or middle school, our tutors can help him/her plan and prioritize homework time and finish assignments. As your child progresses through the various grades, assignments will become increasingly tougher, causing confusion and frustration. Whether in middle school or high school, a homework coach can provide the help that your student needs to handle challenging coursework and assignments while cultivating independent learning skills that will foster self-sufficiency in future.

In-Home Tutoring in Encino, CA

We realize that many parents would like to play a more active role in helping their students succeed in academics. But with professional obligations, parental commitments, and countless other activities, a professional in-home tutor can be very convenient for you.

A+ Tutoring is proud to be the resource you need to help your students succeed in academics, and acquire other skills such as time management, organization, and planning that will help them in the higher levels of education and beyond. To get started, schedule your student’s assessment today.

Convenient, One-To-One Tutoring

We take pride in our ability to offer reliable and credible private tutoring services in the comfort of your home. Our objective is to help students at all academic levels understand the subjects they’re learning, while cultivating essential study skills that will help them learn on their own to reach their goals in the future, from time management to organization skills, and other skills that most students don’t get from a typical classroom.

Schedule your consultation today to learn more about private in-home tutoring in Encino, CA, with A+ Tutoring.

A+ Tutoring provides in home 1 on 1 tutoring in these and many other subjects. Feel free to call (818) 850-MATH for a free consultation.