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Ethnicity in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA


About three miles west of downtown Los Angeles, CA, lies a very interesting little neighborhood called Koreatown. Learn more here.


It’s difficult to define the boundaries of Koreatown.  It roughly runs along Wilshire Boulevard from Vermont to Western Avenue.  It also goes south along Olympic Boulevard and spills over into Westlake and Hancock Park. Learn more about Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA.


Back in the early 1900s, housing in Los Angeles was segregated by law. Koreans were only allowed to live in mixed-race, low-income areas. So, when Korean people immigrated to the United States, they assembled in the place we now call Koreatown. Over time, African Americans began moving into southern Los Angeles, and white middle-class people started to move out of the room.  The area slowly changed from being predominantly white to being predominantly Asian.  By 1980, Los Angeles officially designated the neighborhood of Koreatown and mapped out the official boundaries.  


These days, Koreatown is considered ethnically highly diverse.  Latinos account for a little over half of the population, and different Asian ethnicities make up a little more than one-third of the people.  The population density is so high that Koreatown is listed as one of the densest neighborhoods in the United States.  Many Korean-owned businesses have their offices in Koreatown.