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Located in the foothills of the Santa Susana Mountains, you will find the neighborhood of Granada Hills, 26 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. It is famous because, in 1916, the first oil well in the San Fernando Valley was drilled in Granada Hills. More can be found here.

O’Melveny Park 

Granada Hills has several excellent parks.  O’Melveny Park is the second-largest park in Los Angeles at 672 acres.  You can see citrus trees, a small stream, open grassy areas, and a picnic area.  Most of the park is undeveloped, so there are lots of trails for mountain biking and hiking. Learn more about Parks in Pacoima, CA.

Mission Peak 

When you get to the far end of O’Melveny Park, you will come to a trail that will take you to Mission Peak. Mission Peak (sometimes called Mission Point) is the highest point in Granada Hills and provides beautiful views of the San Fernando Valley.  More amazingly, if it is a clear day, you can see both the Pacific Ocean and downtown Los Angeles.

Granada Hills Recreation Center

This rec center is also known as Petit Park.  It has an auditorium, basketball courts, play areas for the kids, picnic tables, classrooms, and a library.  The park offers programs in sports and arts and crafts.