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Historic Treaty Signed at Studio City, CA

Most people don’t know about the critical event that happened at a little adobe ranch house in Studio City. Our knowledge is generally limited to facts about how the United States fought with Mexico over possession of a massive part of the west. Studio City, CA information can be seen at this link.

Campo de Cahuenga

When you visit Studio City, CA, be sure not to miss Rancho Cahuenga. This historic house was where John Fremont and Andres Pico ended the Mexican-American War.  Discover facts about  Architectural Treasures in Studio City, CA.

Spend a moment imagining what the USA would look like without California, and parts of Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona.  It’s hard to imagine.  For Mexico, the treaty was devastating.  Mexico lost 55% of its landmass.


When the Treaty of Cahuenga was signed at this little adobe house, Mexico and the United States agreed to stop the conflict.  A year later, the famous Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo was signed, giving all that land to the young United States.  


When Studio City was building their part of the MTA, the floor tiles and the actual house’s foundation were discovered.   Today there is a museum at the site where you can learn more about an essential part of our long-term relationship with Mexico.