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Kids Love Tutoring!

When you’ve got a third-grader who gets very upset and cries over their homework almost every evening, it makes their homelife very unpleasant for everyone.  How to fix this problem?  Stop fighting it.  Get some help. Elementary school tutors love working with kids who hate homework.  The best part is that kids love tutoring. More about Studio City, CA can be seen here. 


One-on-one math tutoring at the elementary level is fun for kids. Rather than just trying to figure out a worksheet, an elementary tutor will make the problems tangible.  Elementary students are at the concrete stage in their life of learning – abstract things like math just go right over their heads. Click here to read about Math Tutoring at the Elementary Level.

Elementary tutors will bring objects that students can touch and feel and move around.  Rather than figure 24 minus 18 written on paper, the student will take 24 Cheerios and then eat 18 and see what’s left.  The tutor can then show the student how to “borrow” cheerios from one column of the problem and how that works on paper.  

Much of math is rote memorization.  Memorizing the timetables is fun when they are set to a dance.  The body movements help link the correct answer to the specific question.