A few of our tutors


Brittany Brahn

Brittany Brahn is an educator who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing from Oberlin College. She has over five years of teaching and tutoring experience, and is licensed in Integrated Language Arts, Language Arts and Reading, and Social Studies by the Ohio Department of Education. Brittany enjoys standardized test preparation, because it gives her an opportunity to teach students problem solving skills. Brittany has also written for numerous publications and institutions, among which include Cleveland Classical, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Brittany is incredibly passionate about fostering an intellectual curiosity in students while supporting them to achieve their full academic potential.


Katie Hawkins

Katie has been tutoring children and young adults in mathematics for over 10 years. She enjoys interpreting the language of mathematics to students. She has received her bachelor degree in the study of pure mathematical theory as well as her graduate course study in the same field. She has taught at CSUN for five years and is presently an adjunct professor of mathematics at the Master’s College. She is a talented lecturer as well as a gifted one-on-one tutor as she works diligently to create a comfortable environment for her students to grow and learn in. She challenges students and enables them to absorb math on a new level, thus teaching them in the process to enjoy and excel at what they are learning. In her free time, she enjoys snowboarding, hiking and traveling.


Richard Jones

Richard Jones has recently moved to Sherman Oaks, CA, from Tampa, FL, where he earned a certification in Elementary Teaching, Grades K-6. Prior to arriving in California, Richard has gained several years’ experience teaching and assisting in multiple grades, including classes in grades 1-8. In addition, he has worked as a tutor, specializing in Mathematics education and standardized test prep. Richard also has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance from the University of South Florida. Richard loves using his theatre abilities to make students smile, laugh, and have fun in their learning. One of his favorite skills to show off in front of his students is juggling. Other passions include fitness, music, and filmmaking. Richard is currently gaining experience with the Los Angeles area by teaching in different districts.


Tarisa Ramserran

I was born in Trinidad but raised in a small town in Minnesota. I am the eldest of three and played a significant role in raising my brother and sister throughout my junior and senior high school years. I received a full scholarship upon graduation and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Since then, I have earned a second Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Credential in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Mathematics. I am currently two classes away from earning a Master’s degree in Mathematics. I plan to continue my studies and earn another Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction and then eventually write a thesis toward a Doctoral degree.


Connor Engilman

Mr. Engilman has over 3 years of experience in tutoring and study skills training; as well as over 80 hours of Student Teaching with LAUSD ranging from Elementary to High School. Mr. Engilman is a college graduate from CSUN, with a CSET in History, a CSET in FCS, and has passed the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). He has also trained in the Gurian Gender/Brain based Learning Differences, to help maximize the tutoring session. He brings to A+ Tutoring some new ideas that reinforce the founding principles of A+ Tutoring, giving your child the best tutoring experience possible.


Gabriela Valenzuela

Gabriela is currently finishing her master’s in English Literature at California State University, Los Angeles. Soon after completing her master’s, she plans on applying to PhD programs. Tutoring students ranging from 1st to 12th grade for four years, Gabriela believes that a little help goes a long way, and that any student can overcome academic obstacles with the help of a great tutor. In her free time, Gabriela greatly enjoys watching movies and visiting bookstores.


Danica Ostrander

Hi! My name is Danica (or DJ) and I’ve been tutoring students for over seven years in a variety of subjects. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a minor in Spanish and have been passionate about both subjects since high school. In my free time, I play a lot of video games, read, and play tabletop RPGs. I’m excited to be working with you and your student and look forward to helping them grow academically.


Jeremy Helgeson

A Bay Area native, Jeremy recently moved to Burbank after completing a Bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he double majored in Literature and Theatre. He has experience in after-school instruction and tutoring K-12, and has even dabbled in teaching adults to use popular tech devices. Having taken no less than five Honors and AP courses himself in High-school, Jeremy knows how easy it can be to feel left behind in the classroom. He brings a friendly, hands-off approach to his tutoring that encourages students to develop independent work strategies. His goal is for his students to become confident in their own work and comfortable using resources to find solutions when they’re stumped. In addition to teaching, Jeremy is an avid reader, an actor, and fancies himself a bit of a writer, too.

Brian Mendel

Brian first started tutoring his peers as a freshman at his high school’s writing center. Since then, he has tutored students of all ages (elementary school to senior citizens). He graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Sciences (Mechanical and Materials Science and Engineering track). Brian tutors’ math up to the level of BC Calculus, as well as chemistry and physics. He also wrote two musicals for the Hasty Pudding theatricals (America’s oldest theater troupe) and edited his high school’s newspaper, so he also knows his way around the English language. For those more classically inclined, he also won his high school’s Latin award (it’s not a completely dead language!). In his spare time, Brian enjoys comedy writing, sports statistics, and travel. 

Robert Russell

My name is Robert Russell, and I have been teaching for nearly 15 years. Having worked in the field of biomedical research for several years before becoming a fulltime teacher, my specialty is sciences, math, and test prep. Having taught outside the U.S. for nearly 14 years, I also have advanced expertise in English, language arts, writing, and ESL/EFL learning. I enjoy working with learners of all ages, and have taught preschool through university levels. I am very pleased to be a member of the A+ Tutoring team, and look forward to working with you.

Lloyd Wallace

Lloyd Wallace is an experienced Mathematics teacher. During his teaching career, he has taught at Granada Hills Charter High School and Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies. Lloyd has taught middle school mathematics classes, as well as Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and AP Calculus. Lloyd believes that everyone learns in different ways, so he strives to personalize each student’s learning experiences by applying his diverse interests to each session. He enjoys helping young people reach their educational goals and will make sure your student gets the attention he or she needs. Lloyd enjoys working with children because he loves showing them that even their most difficult work doesn’t have to be discouraging. When not teaching mathematics, Lloyd enjoys to bowling and playing tennis.

April Stewart

I love math and I want to help your child see how easy and satisfying it can be. I am very accommodating and will make sure your student gets the attention he or she needs. I especially enjoy working with children because I love showing them that even their most difficult work doesn’t have to be discouraging.

Recently I have worked as the Director of Tutor Development at a prestigious tutoring company in the Boston area, while also serving as a tutor for the company. In addition, I’ve spent the past few years working on my Master’s in Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Massachusetts after completing my B.S. in Mathematics and look forward to continuing my research in the Los Angeles area.

Kevin Roberts

Kevin has a master’s in physics from UCLA. He has been teaching secondary and collegiate mathematics, physics and chemistry privately for six years. He covers study skills, problem-solving techniques, and test-taking strategies. He has also lead student labs and graded many midterms and finals while a teaching assistant at UCLA, to give students the fullest picture of the topics that instructors require in their students work. In his spare time, he loves reading history, singing in the Angel City Choral, and strives to become a teacher.

Matthew Sherling

Matthew Sherling is a college English instructor at LA Trade Tech and a tutor in the Greater Los Angeles Area. He has a passion for literature, films, music, and the internet. In addition to teaching, he writes poetry and makes visual collages.

Erma Zufelt

Hello my name is Erma Zufelt and I come to A+ Tutoring with over eighteen years of experience working with students of various backgrounds. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boise State University with a dual degree in Education and Special Education. I am certified to teach all subjects K-8 and all Special Education Subjects K-12. Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of teaching students with a wide variety of abilities. I use research-based methods to individualize lessons based on a student’s abilities, developmental function, learning style, and interests. I can effectively use diagnostic, formative, summative, formal, and informal assessments to guide instruction. I have attained a reputation of being a person with great patience and endurance. I love experiencing those “Ah Ha” moments with my students when they make that discovery, see the connection, or understand the applicability of what we are learning. I especially enjoy watching students blossom when they are given the extra care, nurturing, and instruction that fits their individual needs. I am excited to utilize my skills with A+ Tutoring in the home environment. I look forward to working with your family.

Sharon Shinghai

Sharon Shingai is a retired LAUSD elementary school teacher and math coach in the San Fernando Valley where she taught for nineteen years. She has provided professional development on the Common Core Math Standards as a LAUSD math fellow and for the UCLA Math Project. Sharon incorporates many methodologies to help her students gain mastery of mathematics through word problems. She firmly believes the National Council of Mathematics Teachers’ motto “Do math and you can do anything!”. Sharon strongly believes that every child can understand the mathematics that they are studying. She has spent and still spends much time finding ways to make comprehensible to our elementary and middle school students.

Besides tutoring students, Sharon spends a lot of time hiking and enjoying the beauty and tranquility of our local mountains. She does community outreach to share her knowledge and love of our native reptiles and amphibians. She is very active in the Chatsworth area to help educate the public about our local mountains and promote the conservation of our remaining open spaces.

Roxane Romero

Roxane has a master’s degree and is a credentialed teacher. She has taught all different ages and learning styles. Her teaching experience has spanned over 20+ years. She loves being able to work with students individually and really seeing their eyes light up when they understand a difficult concept. She also knows how to adapt lessons to reach all learners and learning styles. What she enjoys most is seeing a smile on a person’s face after they conquer a skill that has been challenging.

Cindy Yeatts

Cindy graduated from Reed College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, and then attended Drexel University where she received her Medical Degree in 2004. She has been working as a private tutor for the last 8 years, and could not love her job as an educator more. Cindy’s true skill is in working with students who do not necessarily identify as academically inclined towards the math and sciences. She is bright, approachable, and takes a real interest in the goals and achievements of each student. Cindy works with students preparing for standardized tests including the SAT and ACT, and in academic support for classes like AP Biology and AP Chemistry. In her free time, Cindy loves to garden cacti, research ancestry, and come up with new and interesting recipes in the kitchen

Deeba Danesh

Hello! My name is Deeba and I graduated from UCLA with the highest Latin Honors. I have been teaching kids of all ages for the past five years and have structured my lessons to meet the specific needs of each student. Therefore, I am able to tutor a wide range of subjects. Additionally, I was a camp counselor at a summer camp so I know the most beneficial way to interact and engage children of all personality types. I am very personable, patient, and efficient.

Brian Montsinger

I attended the University of California at Santa Barbara where I received my BA in Film & Media Studies. Almost immediately after graduating I attended the Los Angeles Film School to receive hands-on training in the fields of writing, producing, shooting, and directing films. It was after this time that I first began substitute teaching at Campbell Hall Episcopal. I enjoyed the experience immensely, but I had to cut my time there short as I traveled to South Korea to work as a full-time English teacher. It was there that I discovered my passion for teaching and ended up staying for the next four years. I loved my time in South Korea, and it was one of the most formative experiences of my life both personally and professionally. After working in my own classroom for four years in Korea, my career goals were never clearer to me. I immediately began classes to earn my Single Subject Credential and Masters in English. I have been a full-time classroom teach in High and Middle schools since, and nothing gives me more joy than helping a student say “I get it!”

Phillip Gordon

My name is Phil Gordon and I tutor students to achieve excellence in academics and standardized testing. My expertise – developed in my graduate studies at Princeton University — lies in designing study programs to accustom students to read, write, and test at a very high level. In particular, I’ve researched the new SAT and ACT tests in detail and I have developed training systems that enable my students to achieve impressive results.


Mary Huckstep

Mrs. H is passionate about tutoring, because she gets to help students move from frustration to breakthrough. And when they succeed, then so does she.

Mrs. H loves everything “English.” In seventeen years of teaching, she taught everything from LA/SS to AP Eng. Lit., including Journalism, Speech, Drama, and Study Skills. Mrs. H even has ways to make Grammar fun!

Mrs. H grew up in Eagle Rock, but earned her BA in Eng. Lit., cum laude, from Lewis and Clark College in Oregon, where she also received her Teacher Certification. She settled in San Diego, where she and her husband raised five kids. Then after her “baby” graduated from college, Mrs. H earned an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA.


Silvia Perchuk

Silvia has 20 years of experience as an Elementary School teacher, Instructional Reading Coach and Bilingual Coordinator for the Los Angeles Public School. After retiring from the LAUSD, Silvia began to work with young teachers as a Mentor and Support Provider for the UCLA Extension Teacher Credential Program. For 3 years, Silvia volunteered for the NCJW’s “Homework Club” afterschool program where she tutored Laurel Elementary School students in English and Math. Throughout her career as a dedicated educator, her main belief has been that all children can learn. Her goal is to always support her students to actualize their potential. Silvia has a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Bilingual Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development Certificate (BCLAD) that authorizes her to teach students whose first language is not English.

Julian Tarula

My name is Mr. Tárula or Mr. T for short! I received my master’s in Education from Loyola Marymount University and am a credentialed teacher with an autism authorization. I have been teaching for five years and in my years of education I have taught almost every subject.

Before teaching, I majored in Political Science at USC, and taught at an after-school center in Gilroy for the Cesar Chavez Foundation. Additionally, for last couple years I’ve been a coach and participate for the LA marathon with the Students Run LA program.

I love music and art and I’m always going to concerts. Also, I’m an avid traveler and have been 12 countries and 30 States.