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Prehistoric Dinosaurs in Studio City, CA

If you have a son about eight years old, you are going to make his day. Many little boys are fascinated by dinosaurs.  Just eight miles south of Studio City, CA, you can show him the La Brea Tar Pits. You will be his hero. See more here.

Tar Pits

The La Brea Tar Pits are so unique that they are a registered National Natural Landmark. Before you even get to the dinosaur part, the tar pits themselves are so weird. See here for information about Historic Treaty Signed at Studio City, CA.

In this part of California, tar just naturally seeps up from the ground.  When the oily substance reaches the surface, it forms into a pool with gas bubbles popping up. The gas bubbles make it look like the pits are boiling.  As the tar evaporates, it turns into a hard mound of asphalt. 


Any animal or person who steps into the pool becomes trapped and dies.  This explains why excavations in the area have found these great dinosaur bones.  Many of the bones found are believed to around 20,000 years old.  

Visitors can view the pits when walking around the park, but they are fenced off to keep people from accidentally falling in.  More importantly, visitors will see life-size models of the dinosaurs all over the park.