High School Tutors
in the San Fernando Valley

Our Personal Approach to Private Tutoring

  • Caring professionals that support your child’s learning.
  • We work around your schedule, flexible time options.
  • In the comfort of your own home.

Grades 9-12 High School Tutoring for All Curriculum Subjects

Many students face academic challenges when they reach high school and have to balance academics with extra curricular activities. This is common, as the high school curriculum is significantly more advanced than the middle school curriculum. The most common subject that students face challenges with is Math. Coupled with the pressure to fit in and other challenges makes for a tough time mastering the subject material, as well as completing assignment timely.In High School students also become exposed to Advanced Placement classes where they receive college credit.

A+ Tutoring provides tutoring to the following subjects as part of Grades 9-12 curriculum.

The 1-on-1 Tutoring Difference

A+ Tutoring provides 1-on-1 tutors either online or in-home that will assist high school students with not just their assignments and tests, but overall study skills, and student accountability. We will help your child manage the hurdles of High School classes and improve academic performance.

The benefit to tutoring performed at home in a 1-on-1 setting is that our teachers can see when your child does not understanding something. We can stop, re-teach, and address the misconception. Shyness dissipates the desire to learn prevails. We also provide SAT/ACT Tutoring and Private College Counseling. Allow us join you on your journey to the University of your child’s dreams.