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At A+ Tutoring, we have professional tutors for all levels of math, from Elementary math to geometry to statistics. A weakness in mathematics can be difficult and frustrating for students, yet it gets more and more complex as you advance academically. Our skilled and qualified tutors will patiently work with your child/teen to simplify complex math problem and help them regain their confidence in the subject.

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Our math tutoring programs in Sherman Oaks, CA, use different approaches to engage students, awaken their interest in the subject, and establish a solid mathematical foundation. These include manipulatives, hands-on activities, and technology, which help to break down complex mathematical concepts into more digestible pieces of information that are easier to understand and apply, depending on your student’s learning style.

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One-on-one Test Preparation

For students struggling with mathematics, preparing for a test can be incredibly intimidating and even overwhelming. Our qualified and professional math tutors can help students gain a better understanding of various concepts, from algebra to geometry to calculus - depending on the academic level - so they can tackle math problems with more understanding and confidence.

A+ Tutoring has a wide range of math tutoring programs that can be individually tailored to help each student improve in the areas they have difficulty, gain interest in the subject, and perform well on tests. Our tutors perform informal assessments on students during the sessions in order to evaluate the progress and adjust the program to ensure that we’re moving towards your goals.

Convenient Private Tutoring

We not only match students to the right math tutor based on their learning style and personality, but also depending on your availability. Our tutors are ready to come to your home for private, in-home tutoring sessions so your child can learn in a comfortable, stress-free environment. The tutoring sessions can also be scheduled conveniently, whether you prefer to meet your tutor once or multiple times a week, so we can take maximum advantage of your learning style.

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Whether you are looking for math homework help or a professional instructor to help you pass math exams in Sherman Oaks, CA, A+ Tutoring can help. With our one-on-one private math tutoring sessions, we can help any student catch up, master mathematical concepts, acquire problem solving skills, and advance to a place where they love and appreciate mathematics.

What your child or teen needs to succeed in math is patient, skilled, and tactical help. Get in touch with A+ Tutoring today in Sherman Oaks, CA, for a free consultation.