Private Tutors, In-Home Tutoring Services in Sherman Oaks, CA

At A+ Tutoring, we go beyond better test scores and improved grades to help students develop true academic confidence, manage academic stress, and become more ambitious so they can maximize their potential. We are able to deliver this by not only hiring professional and qualified teachers, but also closely tracking the progress of each student through regular engagement reports and teacher assessments, and continually adjusting their tutoring program to target any new areas of weakness.

Tutors Near Me in Sherman Oaks, CA | Private In-Home Tutoring

Working with our private in-home tutor can give your child the best chance to stay on track and accomplish his/her academic, professional, and life goals. Some of the reasons to consider in-home tutoring in Sherman Oaks, CA, include:

  • Convenient, comfortable, and flexible tutoring at home
  • Regular and continuous progress assessment
  • Individually tailored tutoring programs
  • Meticulous tutor-student matching system based on your child’s learning style

Customized In-home Tutoring

We are committed to providing our students with professional and effective instructors in every subject.

For many parents, tutoring seems like a simple and straightforward thing that even themselves can handle if they have the time. However, the wrong student-instructor match will only waste the student’s time and your investment in his/her education. In addition, using the wrong tutoring program can lead to more confusion and frustration for the student.

At A+ Tutoring, we evaluate the needs of your student individually before matching him/her with the right tutor to maximize the chances of a positive outcome. We provide a wide range of programs that can be customized to address each individual student’s needs. Moreover, we choose a tutor who’s able to fit into your specific needs regarding tutoring time and logistics.

Convenient, One-To-One Tutoring

We take pride in our ability to offer reliable and credible private tutoring services in the comfort of your home. Our objective is to help students at all academic levels understand the subjects they’re learning, while cultivating essential study skills that will help them learn on their own to reach their goals in the future, from time management to organization skills, and other skills that most students don’t get from a typical classroom.

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