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Skills of an Elementary School Tutor

People might think that tutoring in the primary grades is a piece of cake.  How hard can it be to teach the alphabet and 2+ 2?  But elementary school tutors are a rare breed of teacher.  Further facts about Studio City, CA can be found here.


First, an elementary teacher has to genuinely like kids.  Being one-on-one with an antsy child for an hour can be exhausting. Tutors have to discover the learning style of each particular child.  Some kids are visual learners; others have to hear what they are expected to learn. Still, others need to learn how to focus. Information about Why First Grade Can be Too Hard can be found here.

Overcoming Resistance

When a student isn’t catching on to what is being presented at school, the child might be angry and resistant to a tutor.  An elementary school tutor must be able to work around that and still get through to the child.  Compassion and patience are essential qualities in a tutor.  

Nearly all students at the elementary level need concepts explained in a concrete way.  And more than anything, they want to play.  Playing is how they learn.  A good tutor will make the student feel like the tutoring session was fun.  The next day at school, the student might be surprised at what he learned by accident!