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A+ Tutoring is a leader in Studio City, CA tutoring. Although the classroom provides a great environment for learning with your peers, it doesn’t compare to the individual attention that students get with private in-home tutoring.

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At A+ Tutoring, we have caring, qualified, and credentialed teachers who tutor all subjects and all grade levels. Since the company was started, we have helped many students, from elementary level to college, in Studio City and the surrounding areas realize their academic goals.

Customized Private In-Home Tutoring

In the typical classroom setting, teachers don’t have the time or resources to attend to each individual student. Due to challenges such as increasing classroom sizes and teacher cutbacks, it’s virtually impossible for teachers to work with struggling students one-on-one.

That is where A+ Tutoring comes in! We realize that specialized instruction given by a skilled and knowledgeable tutor can have a huge impact in developing a solid foundation for their education and learning process in the long-term. That is why each tutoring program is customized to the individual student’s needs.

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Does Your Child Need Private Tutoring?

Every student is different. While some are auditory learners, and easily grasp concepts in a typical classroom scenario, others prefer a more hand-on approach for certain subjects. In addition to helping students keep up with others in the classroom, we also help them acquire study skills and become more organized.

In most cases, what matters most is “how” the student learns rather than “what” the student is learning. With private-in home tutoring, the student learns in the comfort of your home. In this calm and relaxing environment, it is possible to see dramatic improvements in test scores and grades.

The personal tutor can help the student:

  • Review for tests and quizzes
  • Do his/her homework correctly
  • Realize his/her full potential
  • Improve study skills
  • Increase his/her self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Realize new interests and expand career options

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There is no doubt that many parents find in-home tutoring to be beneficial for their students: helping them to learn, improve their grades, and become more confident.

At A+ Tutoring, we use a unique approach of matching each student with the right tutor, who then customizes the study sessions according to the student’s needs. The study sessions are then arranged to occur in an environment that is comfortable, familiar, and relaxing for the student, which is usually their own home.

We believe that the student’s learning environment is one of the key factors that affects how he/she can understand things. A comfortable and relaxing environment is conducive for learning, away from the typical classroom distractions and group settings. The student’s home is a great place to study, but we can provide tutoring services at another location of your choosing.

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A+ Tutoring boasts a team of professional and passionate tutors in Studio City, CA. Our tutors are carefully selected to ensure compatibility with most of our students in terms of age, grade, and academic level. Additionally, each students is carefully matched with the tutor we feel is the best fit for him/her.

A+ tutors operate within Studio City, CA and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for quick access to a private, in-home tutor in your community.