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Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA

North of Burbank, you will find the Los Angeles, CA, neighborhood known as Sun Valley. It’s been known by other names over the years. Visit this link for more information.

The original native village here was called Wixanga – which means canyon of the thorns.  This was referencing the plentiful prickly pear cacti that grow everywhere around this area.  For a while, back in 1876, the area was called Roscoe, after a railroad worker.  The name Sun Valley was chosen by the residents in 1950. Read about Sun Valley, Los Angeles, CA here. 

Sun Valley Recreation Center

Sun Valley has three separate rec centers.  The Sun Valley Recreation Center has a swimming pool and several lighted ball fields:  basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and baseball.  It also contains a playground for the kids and a football field.

Fernangeles Recreation Center

Fernangeles Recreation Center also has a public swimming pool. It has all the same lighted ball fields that Sun Valley Rec Center has, but it also includes an auditorium, barbeque pits, and an indoor gymnasium with weights.  

The Stonehurst Recreation Center

The Stonehurst Recreation Center is also a historic site. It has all the amenities of the other two rec centers, plus an 895-seat auditorium.  It sits on 15 acres at 9901 Dronfield St., Sun Valley.