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The Beautiful Oasis of Glendale, CA

Nestled in the foothills of the Verdugo Mountains, about 10 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, you will find the lovely city of Glendale, CA. Information can be found here.

Outstanding Architecture

At 2211 Bonita Drive in Glendale, you can visit a historic building that is believed to have been built around 1828: the Catalina Verdugo Adobe. It is located in a park and is so old that it is the very first entry in the Glendale Register of Historical Resources. See here for information about The Business District Called Century City, Los Angeles, CA.

Brand Library and Art Center

Located in Brand Park, in a mansion built in 1904, you will find the Brand Library. The estate was originally named Miradero, which means The Overlook because it overlooks Glendale and the San Fernando Valley.

A real estate developer named Mr. Leslie C. Brand built the mansion to look like the East Indian Pavilion at the 1893 Columbia World Exposition, also known as the 1893 World’s Fair.  

The mansion combines Spanish, Moorish, and Indian styles of architecture.  In contrast to the exterior, the interior of the villa follows a Victorian décor.

Glendale Transportation Center

Another beautiful building in Glendale is the Glendale Transportation Center.  This building was built in 1923 by the Southern Pacific Railroad.  Its architectural style follows the Spanish Colonial Revival design.