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The Business District Called Century City, Los Angeles, CA

About ten miles west of downtown Los Angeles, CA, you will find the skyscrapers of Century City.  Century City was founded to be an employment center, and it lives up to its name. Learn information about Studio City, CA here. 

The Name

Back in 1913, a cowboy actor named Tom Mix bought a ranch west of Los Angeles.  Later, a film company known as 20th Century Fox bought the land and used it for filming westerns and other movies on the backlots. Discover facts about Ethnicity in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA.

In 1956, the president of 20th Century Fox decided to turn the land into a real estate development.  By 1961, 20th Century Fox was in deep financial trouble and had to sell about 180 acres to Alcoa Aluminum. 

At this point, the area became known as Century City due to its connections with 20th Century Fox.   By 1963, The Gateway West Building opened.  A year later, the Century Plaza Hotel began construction, and in 1969 Century City Medical Plaza opened.  


Today, Century City is known as a premier entertainment and shopping destination and the home of many giant companies. The Walt Disney Company calls Century City it is home and so does Bank of America.  Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin can also be found here.