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Things that Make a Great Elementary Reading Tutor

If you are a parent or guardian looking to hire the best elementary reading tutor for your child, you need to know the elements of a good tutor. See more here.

 They include but not limited to:

Uncover Learning Styles

An ideal tutor will identify a student’s learning style. This way, they are able to present information in ways that have the greatest effect. See here for information about Questions To Ask When Hiring an Elementary Reading Tutor.

Compassionate and Build Rapport

One of the vital ingredients in elementary tutoring is chemistry. A good tutor will focus on connecting meaningfully with students and their families. They will show the utmost care and compassion while remaining organized and professional. Building a good rapport with students moves a tutor from just good to great.

Build Confidence in the Students

Elementary reading tutors should check for understanding and constantly build confidence so that students feel their abilities are improving. They become apt to participate in class and other exercises that add to their knowledge. Confident students often trust their instincts and even perform better in their assignments and exams.

Improve Students’ Study Skills

Great tutors focus on creating students who can learn independently. Therefore, they instill the executive study skills that can serve well in both academics and life. These are skills such as task initiation, organization, focus, and time management.