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What Exactly Does an Elementary School Tutor Do?

Arranging for tutoring for an elementary school child may seem like throwing money away.  After all, elementary students aren’t precisely studying calculus and early French literature. So how can an elementary school tutor help? The truth is that the elementary years are the basic foundation for all future learning.  A child could not grow up to find the cure for cancer unless he learned how to read in elementary school.  Learn information about Studio City, CA here.


Having trouble learning how to read is probably the most common reason parents get a tutor for their elementary school students.  Although reading is taught in groups in the classroom, if a student is struggling, the best way to learn to read is with one-on-one instruction.  Discover facts about Does My Second-Grader Need a Tutor.

Hidden Issues 

In a private setting, the tutor can see problems that may go unnoticed in a group setting.  The tutor might discover that the child doesn’t know what sounds are made by which letters.  A tutor might even discover that a child needs glasses.  

Some children have never noticed that what is written on a piece of paper forms a narrative.  Many students think that reading is just calling out words.  A private tutor can pick up on things like that.