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Why First Grade Can be Too Hard


It’s a significant milestone in the family when a child starts first grade.  After all, this is a real school. 

But after a few weeks, the child starts saying she doesn’t want to go to school anymore.  Parents confer with teachers.  Everyone tries to wait it out and see if she needs more time to acclimate. Visit this link for more information.

Reading & Math 

In many states, language arts and math requirements for passing first grade are pretty stringent.  

First-grade students might need a specialized elementary school tutor to help them make that leap to first grade. Read about Kids Love Tutoring here. 

Elementary school tutors must be well-versed in the expectations for first grade.  The best way to help a little one is to teach them one-on-one.  That way, the tutor can tell exactly where the deficiencies are. 

In one-on-one tutoring, a tutor might discover that the child has trouble with phonics because he needs to have his hearing checked.  This sort of problem is rarely noticed in group instruction in the classroom. Or maybe the student needs more time to think of the sounds that a specific letter makes.  Classroom instruction may be moving too fast for him.  

Classroom teachers want their kids to succeed.  Tutors can make sure that happens.