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Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA

The Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles is in the southwestern part of the San Fernando Valley.  It is located 29 miles west of downtown Los Angeles, just north of Topanga State Park. Studio City, CA information can be seen at this link.

Earliest Peoples

It comes as no surprise that Native Americans lived in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles for over 8000 years.  Spanish explorers arrived in 1769 and began building missions.  The land in the area of Woodland Hills changed hands often as the years went by. Click here to read about Granada Hills, CA.

Businessman Victor Girard Kleinberger founded the town of Girard in 1922 when he bought 2,886 acres in the area.  Girard was eventually annexed into Los Angeles, and then in 1945 was christened Woodland Hills.

Woodland Hills Recreation Center

The Woodland Hills Recreation Center, also known as Shoup Park, offers many amenities for visitors and locals alike.  The park covers 19 acres and offers a lighted baseball diamond, picnic tables, lighted tennis courts, and an outdoor pool.

Open Space Preserve

If you drive along the western edge of Woodland Hills, you will be driving along the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve.  There are miles of trails for horseback riding, hiking, and biking.  The nature preserve also offers scheduled nature walks.