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At A+ Tutoring, we recognize that every student learns differently and gains understanding based on a teaching style that works best for him or her. That is why our math tutors use a variety of approaches to help meet the unique needs of each student. Whatever grade your student is in, our math tutors can help them overcome their struggles with math.

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Overcoming Math Anxiety

Researchers from the University of Chicago reported that over 50% of 1st and 2nd graders have moderate to severe anxiety for math. As a result, these learners suffer less knowledge, lower standardized quiz/test scores, and poorer grades, in elementary school and all through to college.

Math anxiety is different from being bad at math. Anxiety makes performance in the subject worse. Fortunately, researchers - in a report published in the Journal of Neuroscience - argue that early intervention can help turn things around. According to the 2015 publication, one-on-one tutoring for 8-weeks helped reduce math anxiety for third-graders by 20%.

Our talented and compassionate tutors work with students to help minimize this anxiety, and in the process, get rid of the negative associations that they hold about math. Ultimately, this leads to better problem solving, more completed homework, and better test grades.

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Qualified Math Tutors in Woodland Hills

A+ Tutoring has many, qualified math tutors who can help elementary school children understand Common Core principles; middle and high school students learn the different levels of algebra, statistics, geometry, and pre-calculus; and college students understand calculus.

Our math tutors have the necessary certifications, as well as extensive experience working with students of different ages. Besides checking for competence, we also run background and reference checks for all our tutors to ensure the safety of your child and home.

If your child has special needs, he or she can work with one of our tutors who has special education certification. These tutors are trained to help students with various learning challenges, including dyscalculia.

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Math Homework Help in Your Own Home

At A+ Tutoring, we not only tailor math tutoring sessions to your student’s unique needs, but also conduct them in an environment that is familiar and comfortable - your own home. Our math tutors come to you, and work around your schedule.

We have the skills, experience, and resources to provide one-on-one attention and guidance for all students. Generally, one-hour tutoring sessions provide sufficient time for instruction, review, practice, homework, and even test preparation.

To get your student started on one of our math programs or to learn more about our private math tutoring packages in Woodland Hills, CA, please contact our office.